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If you have never had the courage to see an expensive VIP escort in London, they always say ‘safety in numbers’, by that we mean why not take a friend along with you?  It may take the sting out of the initial process of meeting one of our fine ladies for the first time? You and your friend are able to go into one of our VIP ladies affluent addresses where we can arrange more than one lady. You and your friend will feel safe in the knowledge that you are together and both experiencing the same feelings making it more relaxed and enjoyable for you.  


Our ladies our very approachable and will always be kind and caring. We expect the same from our gentlemen clientele, as even if you are nervous we will not tolerate anybody being rude or passing judgement to our girls. Our girls are here to serve you and in return you should trust and respect these wonderful individuals. Our VIP companions can come to see you in the luxury of your own hotel room or apartment. Our companions will always sort the business side out first so everybody can feel relaxed and enjoy the afternoon or evening ahead. The elite ladies will call the agency to tell us that they have arrived safely and if the evening extends we regularly call the lady just to make sure she is alright. Please do not assume she is always checking her phone for other rendezvous it will be just the agency caring about our girl’s well being.


We care about our clients just as much as we do about our elite escort ladies.  Happy escorts equal happy clients and that’s how we at London Valentine's like it. We always want the gentleman to feel welcome and give him a service that he deserves. We want you to come back and want you to become a regular customer of London Valentine's. 


So if you’ve never felt like you’ve had the courage to see an out of this world elite lady, rest assured that you can always go with a friend, we bet you’ll both be going home with an extra big smile on your faces that will take a long time to fade!!

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