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We thought it only fair to tell you about how we feel when someone gets a little too pushy with our ladies. We care an awful lot about our London Valentine’s ladies and we don’t want them upset in any way, shape or form. If you don’t think you can be well behaved when it comes to our executive escorts then we suggest that you try elsewhere. If you want to be pushy and rude perhaps you should stay home alone.


You see, it all boils down to you considering that our expensive escorts you have hired as human beings with needs and desires. We’re not saying you have to treat them like your wife and ensure that they have an up to date washing machine or a new car each year as well as a full wardrobe of clothes (although our girls wouldn’t complain about that!), what we mean is just identifying that they might want to be spoiled a little.

You could start by maybe not meeting them in your hotel room and never going further than that to begin with. Although our girls don’t mind this and they are more than well used to it, they would also like to see the night air and perhaps see a little culture.


There is no need for a real extravagant place to eat and drink (although the more expensive the better for our exclusive ladies!), anywhere is pretty good, and it beats the inside of a hotel room, or your living room doesn’t it? There are sometimes obviously good reasons to not take one of our companions out, these usually have something to do with the fact that they may have visited you near your home, or you are travelling through London with friends and you don’t want them to know.


Having said all that, we are confident that you are the sort of gentleman that we love to have visit our ladies, you will have the time of your life with our girls, and we’ve got enough of them to keep you going for a long time. Make sure you plan all your business trips in London and make your appointments with us pretty soon after! Hope to hear from you soon.

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