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We are often asked to recommend an overnight date with our expensive escorts. The vast majority of our top London escorts are available for overnight sessions throughout the caapital.

This type of meeting is normally more nuanced than a short booking. In order to ensure that you get the best out of the date, we have put together this guide to finding the correct companion for you, and ensuring that your needs and expectations are satisfied.

And then there are the majority of clients, who want to enjoy an overnight date as part of the kind of romantic meeting that one would expect to enjoy with a wife and girlfriend on a short honeymoon break, where they will fall asleep in each other’s arms (that’s the theory anyway, but we personally find it impossible to sleep that way), then wake up the next morning and enjoy some breakfast fun together.

A stay from one of our expensive escorts might be costly but will be a great investment, you will find that our ladies are charming, warm, friendly and above all very exclusive. You will not want to let her go, guaranteed!!!

London Valentines will certainly have the right kind of escort for your needs, whatever overnight booking you desire, you just need to properly think your needs beforehand. Do you want to just get a good night’s sleep, or are you interested in something a little bit more active? It’s important to make it clear beforehand so that we find the best escorts for your needs.

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