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What to do with your London Valentine’s

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If you've booked an escort for the whole day, you might be wondering how to fill your time. While we're sure most of you have plenty of ideas, sometimes it's nice to leave the confines of your apartment or your hotel room and see what the great city of London has to offer. All our sexy ladies love to be invited to accompany their clients to the theatre, to the cinema and even to a football match. However, one invite which will really get all escorts excited and ready for action, is an invitation to go shopping with you.

Now of course we don't mean that you should ask them to accompany you while you purchase a new shirt or a present for your wife, although maybe if that present was a new luxury sports car, she might just enjoy the ride. No, the shopping we're talking about here, is shopping for your escort. In all our years in running successful escort agencies in London, we've learned a few things about our girls. They all love to shop. In fact, they love shopping almost as much as they love providing services to guys just like you. So when you make a longer booking with one of our ladies, why not treat her to a trip around the shops of the West End. We're sure she's going to be really grateful and show her appreciation in all kinds of naughty ways.

So, where should you start? One little piece of advice. Forget about window shopping. If you've promised your expensive escort a shopping trip, be prepared to put your hand in your wallet or at least on your credit card and treat her to something nice.

Another irresistible option would be to take your escort to a lingerie shop to choose a set of lingerie. Maybe you've decided to meet with one of our young escorts and you want to make sure that she has some sophisticated and alluring lingerie to wear for your date. Let her choose something that makes her feel comfortable and she's more likely to give you a personal showing later. And of course, a lingerie shopping trip is the perfect place to get to know your escort's taste in lingerie, not to mention her size, so that if you plan to visit her regularly you can surprise her with a tasteful present at a later date. So be sure to put her sizes into your phone. Be assured, there's nothing worse than buying your hot and sexy underwear in the wrong size! Especially if you choose something that's obviously much too big or too small.

And finally, every good shopping trip goes better with suitable refreshments. Stop off at one of the many trendy cafes or bars around the West End.

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