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Allowing customers to read escort reviews bridges the gap between word-of-mouth and a viral form of feedback. Online London escort reviews are good for agencies that wants to keep control of their online reputation. It allows them to have active participation from their clients. Furthermore, it gives future clients a solid foundation to create a relationship with them. Reviews have created a new form of marketing and communication. 

It’s not enough to just set up a London escort review section and let it work for itself. As a leading escort agency in London, we are always mindful of what people say. For any negative comments, we will address the issue quickly and in a professional manner. After all, negative reviews happen to any business. It’s very important to us to make sure the problem is dealt with so it doesn’t happen again.


Why Customer Feedback Is So Important

Clients who take the time to leave an online review for escorts in London are far more likely to feel a certain loyalty to the agency and keep coming back. Being able to leave a review allows the consumers to feel like they have a voice. Positive online reviews are very good for any type of business. They can offer agencies like ours benefits that a simple marketing campaign can’t. They keep working long after the escorts review has been posted, giving a constant positive image to potential clients. This creates a continual brand awareness that benefits the agency for the short term and for the long term.

When an escort has already received reviews online it seems to encourage other visitors to leave feedback too. Just the appearance of a number of reviews is enough to give new clients the confidence to add their own views. 90% of consumers read online reviews before using a service. And 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Today’s consumers are increasingly relying on reviews to make decisions about the products and services they purchase.


How Escort Reviews Help Our Agency

The biggest reason why London escort reviews are important to London escort agencies is that ultimately it increases sales. It’s a way of giving clients the information they need to enable them to make the right decision when choosing an escort. People are much more likely to book an escort that has already been recommended by others.

Online reviews can also tell us whether we are doing a good job or what we are doing wrong and how to improve our service. This allows us to better serve our consumers. Therefore, we can quickly and efficiently resolving any issues consumers have and create a positive experience for the consumer. Reading escort reviews do more than just create a better relationships between our agency and clients, they work towards improving the websites ranking on search engines too.

London Valentines reviewed Escorts
User Rating
Date of Appointment: April 20, 2022 | Service: Incall | Duration: 3 Hours | Looks: 9 | Performance: 9
I spent most of the evening with Gwen yesterday and she was far better company than most ladies I've dated recently. A great kisser and I mean the real deal, not a half hearted snog. She seems to genuinely enjoy herself with me too. Her English is pretty perfect and it was actually quite fun trying to understand each other when we did get confused. I had a good few laughs during the evening, a fantastic massage and some pretty amazing bedroom action. I'll say no more...

User Rating
Date of Appointment: August 18, 2020 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 8 | Performance: 10
Very talented. Easy on the eye. Good English. Great attitude. She seemed to enjoy herself too. A real GFE with lots of cuddles. Will 100% repeat!

User Rating
Date of Appointment: August 12, 2020 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
Stunning girl and great attitude, a bargain at this price. Her pictures are 100% accurate with not much difference to the real thing even after clear photo shopping. She is naturally very pretty, friendly and chatty too. I've seen her before and her English is now much improved too (for those who care). She could easily become my new favourite hobby. Thank you oct again Gwen for a magical time x

User Rating
Sean T
Date of Appointment: January 20, 2020 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
I went to see Gwen in Mayfair today and she was just amazing. This girl had me locked in from the minute I walked in the door. One look at her in that tiny dress and heels and I was sold. It was oddly familiar - almost like an unexpected hookup with an ex. Her body is a petite, she has a round firm bum that did the trick for me. Very professional and highly recommended.

User Rating
Date of Appointment: April 15, 2019 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
I met with the lovely Gwen today for the first time. I'm not new to this and have had several encounters through this agency and so far I haven't had a bad punt. Gwen was another good one and ticks all the boxes when it comes to looks, nice flat, friendly and open. She's is charming! A very natural and good looking escort and for once I think this one actually looks better than her photos. It's always difficult to tell when they are so edited so I usually go for the recommended girls to be on the safe side. I will most definitely request an extended lunchtime liaison with Gwen again next time - We have some unfinished business and I need to get to know her better. She's shot straight into my top 5 and as only two of them are still in London now I have feeling I'll be seeing a lot more of her.

User Rating
Date of Appointment: April 1, 2021 | Service: Outcall | Duration: 2 Hours | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
The best escort I've seen and very, very beautiful. A perfect and very intimate date from start to finish. With wine, chocolates and kisses, it couldn't have been better. Gwen provided me with an unforgettable time and I couldn't recommend more. Thank you for a super special afternoon. I'm already looking forward to another visit from you soon.

User Rating
Date of Appointment: October 21, 2020 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 9 | Performance: 10
I have never had such an enjoyable time with an escort and I will definitely be back. We started with what can only be described as the massage of all massages and the dress was lifted up for me to see. This girl can take you to heaven and then keep you there with her technique and teasing. I let go and enjoyed every moment. It's really, REALLY good! Finished with an extremely slow non-rushed amazing tongue technique. I left feeling so relaxed afterwards that I still can't think straight.

User Rating
Date of Appointment: March 17, 2020 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 9 | Performance: 9
Gwen was a gem and I am still completely smitten after my time with her. Talk about making fantasies come true! Sensual, sexy, fun and very accommodating from start to finish. I had a pretty amazing hour. Highly recommended. Thank you

User Rating
Date of Appointment: July 31, 2020 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 10 | Performance: 9
For once here is an escorts with pictures that don't do her justice.. Usually it's the other way around. In real life Clarice looks more natural - prettier face, beautiful eyes, slim body and a lovely person. I had a great time with her and found her service to be even better than my usual 'go to' escort. best experience so far and amazing gfe. I will return soon.

User Rating
Date of Appointment: October 22, 2019 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 9 | Performance: 9
I had a splendid hour with Clarice and only have good things to say about her. Not only does she have a very bubbly personality and is up for a laugh, she is also extremely attractive and easy on the eye. A very genuine person and one to see again. Clarice, thank you for making my time so enjoyable. I will be back. X

User Rating
Date of Appointment: June 25, 2020 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
Nice escort with a good outlook on life. Very happy to be pleased and she returned the favour wonderfully. I didn't feel rushed or intimidated, just a warmth and charm. A fantastic experience I hope I can repeat!

User Rating
Date of Appointment: May 22, 2019 | Service: Outcall | Duration: 3 Hours | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
Exceeded all my expectations A*****

User Rating
Date of Appointment: April 8, 2021 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
Clarice was dynamite. I am thinking of moving in!

User Rating
Date of Appointment: March 16, 2021 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
Don't normally do reviews but felt I had to put it to record. In my humble opinion Clarice in looks is dazzlingly beautiful, performance was fantastic and she has a very good attitude indeed. Absolutely fabulous! Treat her well and with respect.

User Rating
Date of Appointment: March 18, 2021 | Service: Outcall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
Clarice was exactly what I needed - lovely girl, friendly, beautiful, great figure and seemed to enjoy what she does.

User Rating
Mr Richard
Date of Appointment: March 13, 2020 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
It was a kind of 'now or never' thing for me and she had an apartment very close by, I received via text her address and was there before I got cold feet. I needn't have worried though as she was a beautiful looking girl who immediately put me at ease, I think she could tell I was a beginner at this. It all felt very natural and she helped me to relax with a sensual massage to begin with. Now I've broken the ice I think it's safe to say that I'll dip my toe in again soon. I hope it won't become something I get addicted to because if the rest of the girls are anything like this one then I think I'll be in trouble!! It was a pleasure. Thanks to everyone.

User Rating
Date of Appointment: August 15, 2020 | Service: Incall | Duration: 90 Minutes | Looks: 9 | Performance: 9
Well, I love slim size 8 girls and Agnes was drop dead gorgeous and just stunning to look at too. No photoshop needed for sure! She speaks perfect English, is amusing, playful ,and intelligent too! And yes, she does have the perfect body! She seemed to enjoy her time too, always keeping eye contact and making sure pleasure is your reward ! She loves receiving and sight of her on top will remain with me for a long time. just adorable and I will be back for sure. thank you a million times for your kindness xx

User Rating
Date of Appointment: August 12, 2020 | Service: Incall | Duration: 90 Minutes | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
Thank you! Beautiful girl, fantastic attitude. I had an amazing time and will return for round 2 soon...

User Rating
Date of Appointment: January 22, 2020 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 9 | Performance: 9
Agnes is one amazing girl I was looking to have a great night with a very naughty girl and that's exactly what I got, some amazing curves and she knows how to use then really well a truly unique experience.

User Rating
Date of Appointment: October 2, 2019 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
A very nice lady and gorgeous from head to toe. She was an absolute joy to be with and had a lovely personality. I think for me she has been the best so far.

User Rating
Date of Appointment: September 3, 2019 | Service: Incall | Duration: 3 Hours | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
I did only promise myself 1hr but ended up staying for 3. Agnes is that addictive! I wasn't that keen on the photos because they seem very edited so her video helps. Also the agency said she's one of the best and much more natural in real life. The cherry on the top is that she's nice too which makes all the difference. She provided everything I needed and was the best hostess for our evening. When I'm in town again I will be looking he up. Don't tell the wife!

User Rating
Date of Appointment: August 14, 2019 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 10 | Performance: 10
Her apartment was easy to find in Bayswater, clean and warm. On opening the door Agnes was dressed exactly how I requested, I was welcomed in and made to feel very comfortable. The photo's on the website are a true likeness, the lady is stunning in every way. Her warm and bubbly personality makes for a great GFE

User Rating
Date of Appointment: May 12, 2019 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 9 | Performance: 10
I have been working in 4 continents, meeting lots of women and this gracious and brilliant little woman is going to have a lasting and lovely impression. Her b on b massage is fantastic and what follows equally great and safe. I shall book very soon. she is highly recommended. Respect her and you will be respected.

User Rating
Date of Appointment: April 7, 2019 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 9 | Performance: 9
I'm new to this hobby but Agnes showed me what a professional she is and as a first times goes, it was pretty damn good. She is pretty with nice curves and was open with what I could and couldn't do. What impresses me most is her attitude. If you want a friendly professional services i would recommend her and especially if you're new to this. I might have to go back soon...

User Rating
Mr G
Date of Appointment: July 14, 2020 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 8 | Performance: 10
I perfectly understand why the other guys have given Christina good reviews. She is just amazing! Not only her fantastic body (and better than photos), she is a very caring person also. Her effort and performance was 10/10. The whole time with her was 100% enjoyable and I am certain I will see her again. You were the best!

User Rating
Date of Appointment: June 18, 2021 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 8 | Performance: 10
She was amazing again with those perfect breasts and beautiful lingerie to match. I love Christine, she always makes an effort and is my favourite by far at the moment. Thanks again for another great evening X

User Rating
Date of Appointment: May 19, 2019 | Service: Incall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 7 | Performance: 10
I arrived to her flat and she opened the door dressed in just her lingerie. The flat was small but clean and well kept so I didn't mind. She wasn't too friendly to start with and I wondered if I'd made a mistake but as soon as the payment was sorted she relaxed and we started in the living room with some light petting. She's really very sweet and not the kind of girl you imaging to be doing this. I guess that made it all the more special. It's not often I leave reviews but this time I was so impressed I had to say something. She was a really delightful young lady and her service didn't disappoint either. I have given her top marks because I strongly believe she deserves it. Thank you again and I can't wait for next time. Rick x

User Rating
Date of Appointment: March 11, 2020 | Service: Incall | Duration: 3 Hours | Looks: 8 | Performance: 10
Nice escort, great body, good performance and warm and welcoming. Thoroughly enjoyed this one - good choice! Furthermore, Christina is very open minded and only too happy to please. If it's any indication how much I liked her - I extended my visit for a further 2hrs ;)

User Rating
Date of Appointment: April 23, 2020 | Service: Outcall | Duration: 1 Hour | Looks: 8 | Performance: 9
As always, a smashing time with Christina. She looked after me and gives the best service ever, ever, EVER!!! Gentlemen, this lady is special!!!! And I love the new flat. Can't believe left it so long to see you this time.