£150 Escorts

£150 Escorts

When it comes to booking escorts the cost can vary greatly. Prices can range from £150 escorts to over £1000 for an hour. We don’t believe that the fantasy of being with great escorts should be unattainable, which is why we have such competitive rates. We want every man to be able to book these gorgeous girls and enjoy the privilege of having their companionship.
From dinner dates and drinks to accompanying a client to a business event. Whatever it might be, with our £150 escorts, you can enjoy beautiful company without having to break the bank. It’s important to understand that we represent ladies who are excellent at their job. They love their escorting careers and they put 110% into each and every booking. The girls listed on our gallery simply wouldn’t be promoted if they weren’t good enough.
Our prices are very competitive but we are also conscious that quality does not come cheap. We have beautiful girls available from £150 for incall appointments, this is for you to visit them at their apartments in central London.This lower price doesn’t mean you are compromising quality. Our £150 escorts are truly lovely and priced competitively because of the convenience of you visiting them. It in tern keeps their costs down as they don’t have to pay for travel.

Expensive Isn’t Always Better

There is nothing to say that a more expensive escort will offer a better service than £150 escorts and there are may reasons for this. An escort might charge more because she lives in a more expensive area and therefore her costs are hight. As a result she puts her price up to match her needs. She may need to price herself higher because she cannot do it cheaper.
Sometimes escorts use a higher price on purpose to perceive a better service quality. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case, which is why escort reviews are very important these days. The enable a client to get some feedback on the ladies before they make a booking. You will also find that some escort agencies in London price escorts higher than they should be because they have no idea what they’re doing. An escorts price should always reflect her good service, looks and location. They are the three main things that determine an escorts price.

Placebo Effect

This Placebo Effect says that a product priced higher will be perceived of better quality. For example, in an experiment where two bottles of wine given to 100 people. One bottle being very expensive while the other was very cheap. The wines being exactly the same, but tendentiously more people said the most expensive is better. You change the wines, they continue thinking the most expensive is better. 
This happens because our brains are wired to believing that if it costs more then it must be better. That’s what we want to believe. That’s why the price impacts psychologically the way the customers perceive the products. Therefore, booking a £150 escort doesn't always mean that you are getting a lower service.

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