£500+ Escorts

£500+ Escorts

Our £500 escorts are often among the most experienced companions you could possibly book. These VIP escorts are booked by high profile clients who really know the difference when it comes to top quality companions.  Our London escort agency caters to gentlemen who are used to the very best that everything life can offer.

VIP Escort Companions

There is a perception that has to be maintained and so only the very best will do. This also extends to their choice in female companion as it is quite common for clients such as these to need to attend various social and public engagements. Being booked by these clients on a regular basis is what allows our VIP escorts to become quite literally experts in their field. The best escorts get to go to the best restaurants and stay in the most expensive hotels, so it’s no surprise that they become so very good at what they do.
Most people book £500 escorts because they are more stylish, elegant and much more confident. You could take one of these professionals to dinner with your business clients if the mood took you. They are confident and capable enough to pull the role off without any trouble at all. They possess specific qualities like impeccable appearance, professionalism, confidence. In addition they always prepared, punctual and efficient. Top escorts can be an asset to any businessman.

Looking The Part

Our £500 escorts take looking good for their clients very seriously. The escort industry is extremely competitive, and even more so in a major city like London. So, to attract clients, you need to look great. Our expensive escorts hit the gym regularly, have beauty treatments and show off their figures in sexy designer clothes. Many of our VIP escorts work as fashion models too – so you can hire a girl who’s a catwalk regular to spend an evening with. How many men dream of seducing a supermodel? By hiring a top escort in London, you can make that dream a reality. That’s something you just don’t get at other agencies.
All of our £500 escort are expected to look the part. They wear good quality clothing and incredibly fashionable underwear. Her appearance has to be absolutely perfect, with not a strand of hair or an eyelash out of place. These high end ladies often get invited to business dinners with their clients, or to visits to the opera and other functions. This means that they have to be well versed on current affairs and the arts. This takes a lot of time and training, and that is an expensive affair. In our constant pursuit of saving, there are some areas where we shouldn’t skimp.

Why The High Price Tag

When one receives a service which is above and beyond the standard then one expects to pay a premium. All our stunning ladies are definitely above anything any other London agency can offer. The accolade of being expensive and exclusive is very well deserved. There are many things that set our elite ladies apart from all the rest, not least their breath-taking beauty and flawless figures. These VIP escort girls have the social grace and elegance that is befitting an exclusive companion. Not to mention, their natural elegance that you would only expect to find in the most refined ladies.
When one considers something as being expensive, it may not be considered so by someone else. The cost of something in relation to one’s earnings differs from person to person. Therefore, labelling something as expensive is a subjective matter. Some may consider our top ladies as being expensive however given the social status of our clients, this is usually not the case.

Get More For Your Money

Sometimes spending more cash can be worth every penny and our VIP escorts are a perfect example of this. The one indication that you’re getting the “best” in the escort industry is the price. The more expensive the escort, the better she is generally.
A more pricer escort won’t be doing back to back bookings. She’ll be seeing who she wants, depending on how much money she wants to make that week. The most expensive escorts are genuine models and their availability is limited. You can find many of them in magazines and this is why they can’t be seen with many people in public. It is increasingly likely they won’t be available at short notice so we highly recommend to check their availability with one of our team member to make a booking in advance.
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