Petite Escorts

Petite Escorts

The demand for petite escorts in London has never been higher. Petite escorts are often chosen because they are seen as more vulnerable or more submissive. Some of our clients say it makes them feel more masculine or dominant. Perhaps some men prefer to choose an escort who is shorter than they are because they feel intimated by being seen with a taller woman. In addition, some very tall men love to meet with petite escorts as it enhances their feeling of superiority.
When a woman is said to be petite, it means she is attractive, delicately small and pretty. Although the best relationship is built on equality, most guys will tell you that they like to feel a sense of power in a relationship. Not in a negative way, but in a macho, heroic kind of way. This is easy to do with a petite girl. Their vulnerability is a very attractive quality to a lot of guys.

Petite Attractiveness

Being confident and outgoing is a great quality in many women. However, if you are a bit on the short side, you may have spent a lot of years worrying about your height rather than your confidence. This modest quality that many petite women have is very attractive to guys. Not being where you are attractive is actually what makes you more attractive. She’s so cute and tiny she’s just like a little ray of sunshine everywhere she goes.
For those who prefer to be with the small, dainty, pretty ladies, what are the  advantages? Well - being around a petite girl makes you look bigger even if you’re not exactly that tall. There is also the advantage of them making you feel more masculine. Walk with a petite escort on the street, and you always look like you’re walking a little taller. Best of all, she’s easy to carry around and you can whisk her to the bedroom without skipping a beat.

Advantages For Petite Ladies

So what are the advantages of being a petite lady? For a start, petite ladies have it made in the shoe department. They can wear every outrageous pair of 5+ inch heels without even batting an eyelid. They get to boss people around and ask them to get things that are out of their reach. And when it comes to travel, they always get their space. A petite lady will have ample leg room on any flight, even in economy. And best of all people just assume they’re younger because they’re shorter. That is never a bad thing and is super flattering.

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