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Brunette Escorts

While it might just seem like a hair colour to some, many men will only go for a woman with either blonde or brunette hair. We know that many of our client have their own personal preferences to blonde and brunette escorts. And for those lucky clients with a preference to beautiful brunette escorts in London, they are spoilt for choice. Brunettes make up 90% of the world's population when it comes to hair colour. So it’s no surprise that we have the best brunette escorts available at every corner. But with so many men now choosing brunettes there's got to be more to the attraction than mere convenience.

Blondes Or Brunettes

It’s common knowledge that most men prefer blondes, right? Well, it appears, despite popular belief, that men might actually favour brunette escorts. One possible reason for this change from popular belief comes from a shift in modern ideology. Over the years, the role of woman has evolved greatly, and rightly so. As women have taken on a larger role in society the male view of beauty has taken on different forms too. According to research done by the City University of London, 81 percent of men described the brunette as more “intelligent”. Most said they appear more “self-sufficient,” when asked to give their impressions of her personality.
Men might judge blondes to be significantly younger and healthier-looking but it would appear that the stereotype of “dumb blonde” is difficult to shake off. While blondes may get the advantage when it comes to dating, brunettes have a slight advantage when it came to marriage. Brunettes are thought to have greater ‘parenting potential’ too. As it turns out, there are many factors that encourage a man to select a brunette. Therefore, it's no wonder our brunette escorts in London are always in high demand.

Booking Brunette Girls


Whether you're into our Brazilian girls or east British girls, they all share several things in common besides their hair colour. They all love their job and they are all provide an excellent service. Therefore, booking a top brunette escort in London is never a bad idea. If you like brunettes, we have the best selection for you to choose from. If you prefer blonde London escorts, go with those instead. What we can tell you is that it’ll be amazing no matter who you book. Pick whoever you fancy and have a great time!

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