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We believe it’s important that a client is able to know exactly what to expect when booking an escort. Our escorts in London are all truly stunning and many clients tell us that they are more beautiful in real life than they are in their photos. However we still want our clients to be absolutely confident in their choice when booking an escort. That’s why we provide access to a wide range of selfie escorts. These escorts with selfies provide images that they have taken themselves, without the benefit of Photoshop. 

Here you will find the ladies with selfie photographs available to view on their profiles. We have selfie photos available for every single escort on our website. However, not all of our young ladies wish to have their selfies visible. For any escorts not featured on this page, their selfie images are available by request only. To view these, please call our receptionists for details.

The Classic Self Portrait

What explains the importance of Selfies in our image obsessed culture? Maybe it’s a sign that we are becoming ever more self-obsessed, or perhaps this as a positive means of creative self-expression. After all, humans have always been interested in seeing their own faces so this isn’t new thing. Furthermore, our clients find it very helpful when choosing their favourite escort. After all, it always helps to know exactly what your getting.

Selfie is slang for Self-Portrait. It is used today to describe a photographic self-portrait taken on a mobile device and shared via social media. The popularity of social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat have made posting Selfies very popular. In fact, the term 'selfie' was included in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013. In the same year, it was also announced as 'word of the year'. However, the ‘Selfie’ can be traced right back to the origins of photography. 

Discover A Little Selfie History

The Saatchi Gallery in London launched an exhibition claiming it to be the world’s first exhibition exploring the history of the selfie. It was celebrating a form of expression often criticised for being empty, boring or pointless. So, rather than dismissing the trend, maybe we’re better off seeing selfies for what they are at their best. They are a kind of visual diary, a way to mark our life and hold it up to others as proof that we were here. Our selfie escorts often update their photos. So, in a way, you also get a visual diary of them too.
One of the first things photographers did when they learned how to work a camera was to turn it on themselves. Perhaps if we understood how significant self-portraits have been in history, we might take a different view on the selfie. A self-portrait is art featuring the artist as the subject and there are examples stretching back to ancient times.
As artists became more independent, during the Renaissance period, they began to make more self-portraits. It was as a way of celebrating their own status.

The art of photography

When photography was 'invented' (the 1830s) it was largely influenced by painting and other 2D arts. Self-Portraits in art can be 2 or 3 dimensional. You could say that our escorts with selfies have mastered the art of photography. But we think they take a good picture because they are already very beautiful. 
Today, the self-portrait is a thriving thanks to smart phones and social media.  Since self-portraiture has a long history in art, it's no surprise that the selfie shares some similarities with painting. Although a photograph can be made much quicker than an oil painting. Our escorts with selfies on their profiles are fast becoming our most popular girls. They are booked more frequently than escorts that don't have a selfie image featured on their profiles. So, there's something to be said about natural beauty. It's clearly more appealing to the eye.

Our selfie escorts are more than just good looking


It takes much more than just a pretty face to become a high class escort you know. For example, we look for girls who have a certain quality about them, those who are fun, free spirited, and can make anyone feel at ease around them. Being a high end escort is a profession which has sadly been saturated with a large number of girls who are just not up to the standard. Even though they may come with a very high price tag, it doesn't mean they offer a quality service. In other words, if a pretty escort has a good selfie snap, it doesn't she's a good one to see. 

Yes, viewing escorts with selfies is a great way to see what your chosen companion really looks like. However, remember to check her other qualities too. Does she have a great sense of humour and a calming nature? Is she fluent in English, honest and smart?An escort with the ability to let the conversation flow and has a vibrant personality can be just as attractive. After all, it's not just that pretty face in her escort selfie snap that counts.

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