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Fantasies are all well and good, but when it comes down to it, are you ready to see your partner sleep with someone else? There are many reasons to hire our couples escorts, but if you’re entering this new realm of sexual experimentation, tread easy. Unless you’re part of a ‘singles-only’ threesome or acting as the third party invited to join a couple, you could do irreparable damage to your relationship. Only hire the best escorts in London for couples if you want it to work well. And that's where we come in.

It’s estimated that around 5% of people are in some form of open relationship. Whenever people hear about other people having threesomes, they should take what they hear with a pinch of salt. Everyone’s experiences are likely to be very different. It’s often assumed this is how to live out a 'fantasy’. However,  research actually showed that the biggest reason is curiosity, followed by people saying ‘ it just happened’.


It turns out adding to the love life is like any other aspect of a couple’s life and mainly involves talking, checking, and briefing. And just like any relationship, there are a bunch of different ways to do it. Communication is key to avoiding bad vibes. Whatever your reasons for going for a threesome, communication remains the most important factor. Make sure you’re comfortable and that you’re not doing it purely to please a partner. Couples escorts sound fun, and they definitely can be, but a lot of couples have fears about stuff going wrong.

Open communication is a MUST for every person involved in a threesome. If you’re a couple, and you’re looking for the ideal third party, make sure the third person is a great communicator. Open communication ensures that no one is left in the dark, and everything is discussed. The biggest mistake couples can make is that they jump into the experience without discussing boundaries first. All three people need to be open and honest about what boundaries they have sexually and emotionally. When boundaries are set everyone feels a lot safer and the threesome will be way more fun.

At London Valentines, we have a range of experienced couples escorts for hire. By asking for their advice, you can pick up new ideas and tricks on how to please your long-time partner. There is no reason why you can’t both enjoy the occasional treat together, so why deprive yourselves. It’s always good to try something new at the least once. You may both find a renewed passion that lasts long after your booking has ended.

Booking Escorts For Couples

When you’re booking escorts for couples in London you will find that our girls are among the best in the capital. And when you consider that females are the most discerning clients, you'll understand why these escorts have to be good. When a woman hires an escort, she’s looking for a little more. Women demand more from their partners in a relationship, and this is also the case when booking couples escorts. So, when choosing the right escort addition for your relationship, you can be sure that these girls are the best of the best.


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