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If you have not experienced an overnight date with one of our executive escorts before, we recommend that you choose one of our most experienced ladies, who will guide you through the process and knows the pleasures and pitfalls. 

You also need to consider that most girls don’t like to go asleep with a full face of make-up on, and while all our ladies are stunningly attractive in the flesh, your expectations may need to be managed in terms of the process of getting ready for bed, removing makeup and all the other rituals which go into making the perfect beauty routine.

Similarly, you also need to consider freshness of breath, which does not tend to be the most tasty at 7am, particularly if you have consumed several bottles of champagne while celebrating the night before. It can be a good idea to always have a nice bottle of mouthwash or mouth spray next to the bed so that both of you can do a quick freshen up after you awaken.

You also need to consider that the date is indeed an overnight, and while breakfast is included, lunch most certainly is not, and you should allow for the lady to go back to her daily life as soon as possible, unless there is agreement to extend the date for a longer period.

An overnight date with an expensive escort can be a great way to create intimacy and an emotional connection with an escort, much more so than on a 1-hour meeting, and with the right expectations and planning, expensive escorts are a recommended way to meet one of our top escorts.

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