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Every escort will be dressed elegantly whether you see her for an hour or the whole night. However, you may have specific requirements regarding something special you would like your escort to wear. It could be a particular colour, fabric or style of clothing.

You see, the client and escorts have to be comfortable. If you tell the agency what you would like the lady to wear specifically, our escort is happy to wear that. Then she will arrive looking exactly or close to what was planned, and the evening with your companion will go – no doubt – smoothly.

What to wear

For the discreet kind of gentleman, you may require her to wear something casual, such as jeans, classy ballet pumps and silk chemise. A simple look like this can go a long way, especially as minimal makeup and chic clothing make an escort look demure yet classy.

If you are abroad and planning to walk around for a little while and take an escort sightseeing, you might ask her to bring comfortable walking shoes or boots to ensure her feet don’t hurt. After a romantic meal, you may want to walk off the wine a little bit, and this is not ideal if your executive escort is wearing very high heels.

To attend a formal event with an escort, you may ask her to wear an evening ball gown. If you opt for a club or a dinner party, your date will undoubtedly arrive in a stunning cocktail dress.

You could invite your escort to skiing or any other adrenaline-fuelled activity. However, you must tell the escort agency what your date should pack with her, especially if our top escort may not know what curricular activities she will be involved in.

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