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The clientele for our expensive escorts are very discerning, and the slightly sometimes higher hourly rate justifies the finesse of these lovely ladies. Top escorts are perceived as desirable because their appearance, sophistication and accomplishments are considered a cut above the rest. 

We have many European ladies where their education is compulsory in many European countries and literacy levels are high compared to other countries. European people are also perceived as more tolerant due to their education, and this is perhaps why clients think European girls are friendlier in general. Furthermore, the liberal attitudes that European countries have towards female sexuality creates the impression that European women are less inhibited about expressing themselves-something that clients find alluring even if their intention is not sexual. All in all, the empowerment that European women have and their higher levels of education, and hence sophistication, makes client enjoy their company more.

Statuesque and blonde, or dark haired and petite, London Valentine’s escorts are hugely popular in London. Whether it is their attractive features, intelligent minds or wonderful personalities-there is always something to like about our high end ladies. Expensive escorts are perceived as very desirable because of the mentioned characteristics. Our ladies thrive on literature, art, and the finest cuisine and this has only served to pique client’s curiosity about these enigmatic and exquisite escorts.

Our European ladies vary a lot in terms of physical appearance and services. There is a common misconception that all European women are tall, Teutonic blondes with blue eyes, but this is not the case at all. Many Eastern Europeans are indeed blonde with a model’s physique, and this can even be what clients expect when they book. However, Scandinavian beauties with dark hair and eyes are also immensely popular, which is why agencies such as London Valentine's represent the best escorts that differentiate from each other in appearance.

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