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It is no secret that most of our exclusive escorts in London enjoy a good role play and they are very good at changing the way they look or spicing up a client’s dream. One lady has added an extra player in her regular’s hotel sleepover and has played the sexy stranger in a bar but her latest vamp it up took place in a nightclub in Mayfair.

Everybody is different, we are not telling you anything new, merely stating a fact; so to come out with something so random we will obviously back it up with our views as to why?  Everybody knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that music is an acquired taste but our perception of what people see as different affects our ladies jobs and whether or not a new client will see our ladies. We are not talking about someone picking a blonde or brunette or whether our top escorts live in Chelsea or Mayfair. We are talking who dares wins!!

The escort in question decided that her client would be ‘Brad Pitt’ and knowing that her client had a thing for Angelina Jolie thought this would be very apt.  ‘Brad’ is a very good looking man who has never disclosed his occupation to us, keeping his work close to his beautifully toned and bronzed chest. The escort has talked from time to time about going to a nightclub and dressing up to the nines as ‘Angelina’ he jumped at the chance to pretend he was really Brad Pitt.

Dressed in a very glamorous Gucci dress and with her hair perfect meant that our expensive escort looked good enough to eat and just like Angelina she was ready to show off her man!! Now what they did behind closed doors was their business but I bet just like Brad and Angelina we think it was a match made in heaven, isn’t it a pity they had to part!!!

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