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Showering is still one of the most favourite ways to treat oneself today. That’s especially the case if you’re feeling cold, tired or hot. Many of our escorts can’t wait to get home so they can strip off and switch on the shower to the right temperature. Then they take an expensive body wash and enjoy some steamy me time.

Most of our escorts currently use a gorgeous Jo Malone shower cream – and spend 30 minutes or so in there feeling the warm spray wash over every pore of their bodies. It feels luxurious, and they love that they can stand there and dream for as long as they like.

Afterwards, they head for the big fluffy white towel, which always sits slung over their heated towel rail, waiting for them to wrap themselves longingly inside its folds. The next part is sheer bliss, where they lie down on their King-size beds to dry.

It’s a personal spa treatment in their flat. It feels like a real treat. Our incall ladies are not averse to sharing this treat with a client – particularly if she feels they deserve it. As a London Valentines lady, they are used to sharing, so next time you visit your favourite lady for an incall, why not take a little gift for her to enjoy in the shower and help her wash it off together…

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