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A client of ours was finally tying the knot and was saying goodbye to his wild weekends of hiring escorts. You see, he was getting married in a few months and wanted something truly memorable for his stag weekend. Karl approached London Valentines, asking if we could fulfill his wishes and needs. He’d already found an exclusive hotel in the country and booked most, if not all, of the rooms for his stag weekend. Karl now just needed some top escorts to accompany himself and his party friends.

London Valentine’s quickly got onto his request; bookings like these take a little preparation, making sure that all the young ladies are available simultaneously so they can travel together to the hotel.  

Of course, we chose the most sumptuous ladies you could think of for Karl’s special weekend. We had Dayana, Gia, Davina, and Sophia, all of whom were the cream of the crop with amiable and bubbly personalities, which we knew would impress Karl’s party guests.

When our party girls turned up at the luxury country hotel, they were amazed at how lovely it was. They were greeted swiftly and introduced to Karl’s guests. The ladies were offered champagne and food, business was sorted there, so everybody could relax and enjoy the evening ahead. 

Champagne flowed; some of our ladies gave the gentleman a sexy floor show to get everybody in the mood. The music and ambience were just right, and everybody felt very relaxed. As professional party girls, they had some excellent adult party games; the guys loved every minute of it…

Karl was over the moon with his stag weekend and promptly called London Valentine’s to thank us and the ladies for making it so enjoyable for him and his guests. He promised that if any of his friends were getting married in the future, he would persuade them to book with us. And do you know what? We think they will be back again, sooner rather than later…

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