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A hundred and fifty years ago, the creators of the Great Exhibition bought up vast quantities of land in South Kensington. As we know it today, it is now Exhibition Road. It used the space to create permanent homes for excellent arts and sciences institutions. It is now possible to spend days exploring any of South Kensington’s famous museums. The Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Natural History Museum are timeless British institutions that house some of the best museum exhibits and displays in Europe, if not the world. The areas around the museums are filled with exciting places for you and your London Valentine’s escort to eat out. You may feel spoiled for choice.

The Queen’s Tower of Imperial College is also worth mentioning, partly due to the number of students attracted by the university and South Kensington’s international flavour. Vast numbers of students and sexy escort girls from Europe, Asia and South America have led to a rise in eateries that specialize in cheap, cheerful forms of tasty foreign cuisine, so the area is a great place to sample a slightly more exotic bite to eat, as well as some extraordinary delicious ladies!

This area of London seems to be very much in touch with the rest of the world, particularly with parts of it that are just across the channel. South Kensington plays a role in several French cafes, bookshops, language schools, and the French consulate.

Here, you’re only a stone’s throw away from Sloane Street in Knightsbridge, one of the best places on Earth. Well, in London, you and your South Kensington escort can go for some retail therapy, particularly if your girl has an expensive taste for top-end designer fashions!

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