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Our expensive escorts like to book in for a session with a top photographer in London. She is one of the best escort photographers in the escort business and great at making our girls relax so that she can take the best photographs of for their profiles.

She brings out their natural beauty and shows them in their true friendly and inviting colours. And friendly and inviting is just the look our ladies want to achieve when trying to attract clients. They have a minimum of 2 shoots per year so you can be sure that the sweet smile you see in the pictures is the one that will be greeting you once you’ve booked.

The photographer is good at suggesting the clothes and lingerie they should wear which will show helps to show their figures and assets off to their very best advantage. She always brings an expert make-up artist with her who knows the right make-up which again makes the most of their features. She aims for make-up which enhances, not make-up which hides and she certainly doesn’t favour the plastered on with a trowel look.

Our photographer has taken thousands of photos over the years. If you take the time to view our gallery we are sure you will agree that they are certainly very eye catching. We can’t wait for you to see them in the flesh though. The real deal is always better than the image you see on the website and our girls are more than willing to recreate those suggestive positions featured in the gallery for your eyes only.

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