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Our ladies make it pretty obvious when they’re flirting with their clients, and this is probably down to the fact that they’re absolute professionals when it comes to flirting itself. The femme fatale will make eye contact, lean towards him, laugh at his jokes and smile continuously. Sexual tension will be rife, and you’ll no doubt notice her touch herself in subtle ways, such as playing with her hair, fiddling with her jewellery or carefully touching her neck. It’s always quite flattering for clients, or so we’re told, when an executive escort flirts with them, and an experience with a flirty femme fatale is like no other.

Some people light up the room with good energy, and others seem surrounded by an invisible dark cloud of doom and gloom. Some of you may be sceptical regarding body language, but statistics and case studies have proven it significant. So here at London Valentines, we look at some examples you can expect to come across when you meet some of our rather sexy young women.

The tension will be charged even more so, and the lustful seductress will be direct and blatant in her intentions and desires. Her eye contact will be more natural, and her pupils may dilate. Her movement will be more pronounced, with her back arched and her chest protruding. Her breath may become heavier, and her lips parted. For the eager client, this will be a real thrill. He should respond well and accept her invitation to get closer.

Whilst most in this profession feel confident and over-excited when meeting clients, the odd few are a little less forward. These we like to call the wallflower. These ladies are the shy and retiring type; she may struggle to make eye contact and may benefit from a compliment or two, letting her know how much you enjoy her company. We find strong, powerful men who like to take charge will often enjoy the company of a wallflower and the challenge of bringing out her inner vixen.

Body language is unspoken communication. Women give off many different signals that are often mixed and quite challenging. However, a client will know when an escort is really into him.

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