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So here’s how it goes… First, you book one of the lovely ladies you see in our gallery. Then you plan your evening. If you want to get a few pointers, as we outlined in the intro, you’ll want to take her to dinner or at least to a bar for a while to get to know each other. You might want to book longer than an hour, too, incidentally!

Being a gent guy is essentials; you should know this by now. No matter how old or where she’s from, a woman will always appreciate a bit of chivalry; it’s not dead! You may have already learned that males and females are entirely different species. Well, we thought it would be fun to tell you how your top escort could help you out with wooing the women… holding doors open, pulling out chairs, paying the bill, etc., are all essential things you should never forget. On this occasion, you’re dating an expensive escort and are fortunate to be doing so since you can’t mess it up!

The same goes for whether you’re going on a date or going on a date with an exclusive escort. You should look the part even if you’re going to an incall booking. Hopefully, you’ll have realised that the girls we represent are very “expensive”, so to turn up looking anything other than your best isn’t cricket! You can expect the girl you choose to be impeccably present in or outcall.

Finally, after you’ve learned that you need to look like Christian Grey and have the manners of Sir Anthony Hopkins, you could always ask our executive escorts you’re with how you’re doing. Believe us when we tell you that the girls you choose to spend time with from this agency will be able to give you some excellent pointers on keeping women happy!

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