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A client has been using our London escort agency recently that our ladies have been seeing an awful lot of – maybe he’s part of why our girls are so happy. They always enjoy meeting new people – and are lucky in London to do that all the time.

Our new client runs an international business based in Singapore, and this year he needed to spend a lot of time in London.

Our girls report that he is not looking good, but he loves to shop, and our ladies are all fighting about who will get him next. He loves to take them to designer boutiques and wants them to spend an ‘extreme amount of money’ on themselves. We think this turns him on!!

He’s funny, witty, has great conversation, and is highly interested in people.

We are just wondering, though – how will our girls cope when he returns to Singapore next week?

The city can be lonely when you’re stuck in meetings all the time, so he looked for some friendly and fun company – and we could provide it. As you know, all our females are real professionals in escort work, but let’s say this client is exceptional and rather dishy, too – (which is always a bonus). Not only that, but all of our chosen ladies enjoy his company.

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