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We are asked all the time which men make the best lovers? By which men we mean, which nationalities. We think all nationalities have their plus points – of course we’re going to be diplomatic about this, we don’t want to annoy any of the world’s men! – and all have their minuses.

Our top escorts have a sneaky fondness for the English man – they like their courtly manners in and out of the bedroom, they like the way they can be shy and reserved, but turn the lights out, turn up the intimacy and all of that changes. It is very refreshing.

They like the way English men love to go on dates too. They get a big kick out of being seen in places with an attractive woman on their arms. We think English men are less fussy than some nationalities – by that we mean that they don’t necessarily prefer Latin escorts or English escorts – they just love beautiful women.

As for Welsh and Scottish men, London Valentine’s like them simply for their accents. They find the way they speak incredibly sexy and they could listen to them for a long, long time.

Traditionally, Italian or French men are cited as wonderful lovers – the men who speak the language of romance should be romantic themselves, but our ladies have not found that to be an automatic. But the young men are certainly… energetic shall we say.

Our girls find that Americans like to talk, and listening is an important part of the profession so they are always happy to listen if someone wants to offload their terrible day at work, or unhappy life. It’s all part of the service.

We are also quite keen on Scandinavian men, who usually have a rugged outdoors handsomeness and remind them of Vikings – big, butch and macho.

The Russians have an intensity which other nationalities do not have. This can make them thoughtful lovers – and sometimes a little scary – and they definitely appreciate beautiful women. They like women with long hair, big breasts and curvy bodies. They are also very fond of passionate Italian girls.

And finally Australian men – London Valentine’s find them every straightforward and very sure of what they want. Which is good when you’re an expensive escort, as an upfront man is very easy to deal with.


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