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At London Valentine’s, we have an excellent reputation of only ever listing girls who offer great service. We have a philosophy here at London Valentine’s: if we get a good girl and she moves to a new country, we can quite easily represent her wherever she is in the world. After all, we work from phone lines and don’t have to travel anywhere! We have found that over the years, the travelling girls have greatly appreciated the extended representation we offer at London Valentine’s. It allows them freedom of movement whenever they want, with the added security of being able to work, too!

It’s not only our travel escorts we represent that benefit from our international service. Our clients appreciate it, too. When our clients leave London or elsewhere in the UK to travel abroad, they will undoubtedly turn to us first should they want to hire some top companionship. This could be Paris, Budapest, Rome, Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, etc. When they touch down and need company, you can bet that our website is the first place they’ll visit. Or sometimes they’ll call us because they know us so well. Let us know their location, and we’ll tell them who we represent in that area and organise a meeting for them. It’s very empowering knowing so many top escorts from all over the world!

The way we see it is if you’re signing up with us, we don’t make any money if you don’t! There’s not much point in wasting space on the website for a girl we’re not promoting elsewhere. We take great pride in amplifying our reach and getting bookings from clients who are likely already looking for you!


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