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The history of this love triangle dates back to the Hellenistic area. This combination ranged from three men, two men and one woman, two women and one man. There was the option of three women, but this, of course, was mainly for the pleasure of male voyeurism. Now, the Romans took many concepts from the Greeks and gold-plated them. The Romans were multi-faceted, and although we laud them for their governance, ingenuity, commerce, philosophy, architecture, art and literature, there are certain aspects that one can only consign to dark places in the museums and hidden mosaics.

Whoever said three was a crowd has not studied the Romans, and we can delve a little deeper to see how this has affected current escorts. On various walls of the baths in Pompeii, you can see three pleased individuals enjoying each other’s company. Although the role of the passive and the initiator varied amongst the Greeks, the man needed to take a more decisive role in Roman culture not to diminish his masculinity. Fast forward to modern-day duo escorts, and you may decide to switch roles since we are in the age of equality!

Rewind a few hundred years, and we reach the Kama Sutra era. A compendium was assembled from this time to form the archetype Kama sutra manual. This compilation shows plenty of images of men entertaining and immersing themselves in pleasure with more than one partner.

This can be attributed to the past endeavours of spiritual enlightenment from the Indians, party hosting, and the establishment of status amongst the Romans.

If you haven’t done this before, we suggest you book escorts who look entirely different from each other (unless you have something for twins). Nothing is stopping you from opting for duo escorts who could be sisters.

Be specific! Tell the agency whether you want your ladies to coordinate their clothes or wear two entirely different things. The best experiences are planned and booked in advance. You can book without prior notice, too.


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