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Threesome fantasies are prevalent for men who didn’t really ‘sow their wild oats’ before they settled down and committed themselves. So, you’ll often find newly divorced men, or middle-aged men, seeking to expand their sexual horizons and experiment with threesomes, and orgies. However, for men who are still in relationships, it can be quite a dangerous thing to make your fantasies into reality, especially if you try to include your current partner in the proceedings.

The popularity of using professional escorts for a threesome seems to come down to one thing – that it’s going to be double the fun, double the pleasure and double the excitement. That having two lovers is so much more fun than interacting with one sexual partner. However, one thing that many fantasists overlook is that it is ‘your’ fantasy. You create the story; you make every move, every bit of dialogue, the excitement and the outcome. Everything is perfect. In reality, however, it might not work out that way. You might find that what you thought would excite the other participants may not appeal to them at all. Unless you happen to have discussed the whole scenario in minute detail beforehand, it doesn’t always suit everyone.

Suppose the male is already in a relationship and tries to include his current partner. This is known as a couples escort booking and it only works if both are really into the idea. If some form of persuasion or coercion is needed to get the other partner on board, this can lead to all kinds of negative feelings. If one person feels that they have been coerced into playing out the fantasy, it’s probably best to leave the threesome as a fantasy to spice up your time in the bedroom.

One thing about the threesome fantasy is that it can be vibrant, especially if your real-life partner or lover is the focus of the action. It’s often seen as a way to breathe new life into a stagnant or predictable sex life. However, it can be easy to misread the signs and end up in a situation where someone or all participants get hurt.

Whatever your fantasy, remember London Valentine’s would be a great place to start.


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