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Here at London Valentine’s, we work with many people – and a great deal of people from many different countries, so our ladies get to see plenty of men from all over the world. They have a fondness for the traits of people, depending on their location.

They love the men from South America. But South American men have a natural sensuality and a genuine appreciation of a woman’s beauty and body.

Then, the Americans, for instance. The Americans have a lot of self-confidence and assurance, which can be very attractive. If an American client books our escorts, he will always go for the best and most expensive escorts, be unapologetic, and have high standards.

Then there are the Japanese men; many are pretty shy – which our ladies find delightfully charming. As experienced and professional escorts, it is their job to make them feel at ease. Our escorts tell us they always find it particularly satisfying to make a Japanese man smile and laugh. It feels like a great victory.

Australian men have a different kind of confidence and assurance than the Americans, but it is still confidence – no doubt about it. Perhaps because Australians tend to be so successful and their country hasn’t suffered as much as others during the recent recession? In general, ladies tend to find the Australians very down to earth.

Top escorts can fulfil the levels of expectation expertly. We can promise you that no one is ever disappointed when they book our ladies. London Valentine’s like people from all kinds of places, and it adds to the excitement of meeting new cultures and makes for a very fruitful way of life…


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