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Once you’ve arranged a meeting with one of our ladies, it’s time to make preparations to ensure it goes as planned. If you’ve agreed to spend just a short time with your companion, always ensure you turn up on time. You don’t want to risk having your booked time reduced because she has another appointment after yours. Of course, always ensure that you’re clean and fresh. Treating a meeting with an escort is best, just like any other date.

If you’re planning an overnight outcall stay with your chosen escort, ensure you have a few things at your place (be your home or a hotel room) to enable her to freshen up and feel comfortable. A few toiletries, fresh towels, plenty of hot water, etc should be the very basics. Small gifts such as perfume, luxury toiletries, or cosmetics are always welcome, as are lingerie or nightwear. Use your imagination; how would you treat your date on the first night you spent together? Remember, even though our top escorts are doing a ‘job’, they also love to be treated to a few surprises.

On the other hand, if you plan to spend time at her apartment, take along some things to help you feel fresh and comfortable. An overnight bag with some grooming products, a new change of clothing, and maybe even a small gift in there, too.

When you finally get to meet up with your chosen date, remember to act naturally. Be friendly and open; use your sense of humour to help her and you relax. If you’ve decided to meet in a bar or restaurant, this will give you time to get to know each other a little before intimacy begins. If you’re meeting at your hotel room or her place, take a few moments to chat and develop some rapport. Compliment her on her hair, dress, or the thing you find most appealing about her, from her eyes to how she laughs. Women love compliments, especially if they’re genuine!

Sharing a couple of drinks is always an excellent way to break the ice, although you may find that some of our escorts prefer not to drink when they’re with clients. Whatever they choose to do, you should respect their decision and not try to force them into drinking alcohol with you. It’s also a good idea to discuss exactly what you hope to achieve during the meeting, so there’s no disappointment if they’re not prepared to offer a particular service. This also allows you to end the session early and re-arrange with someone who can fulfil all your desires.


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