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One of the reasons why a threesome is such an appealing idea to a man is that his eyes are the key to his pleasure. The fact is that men often rely on visual stimuli to become aroused – and a threesome is a real feast for the eyes. A little bit of girl-on-girl is a favourite of any guy who watches adult films – and being right there in the heart of the action is a dream come true. If you hire two of our top escorts in London, they’ll put on an absolutely unforgettable performance for you. Unlike watching it on a computer screen, you’ll be allowed to join in too!


It goes without saying, but double the ladies means double the pleasure. Your needs can be put before all else, and with two women to tend to you, you’ll experience more pleasure than you ever have before. It might sound crude, but you’ve probably been experimenting in the bedroom before and some things just can’t be achieved by two people on their own. Well, there’s no need to worry about that if you’re spending the night with two women. If there’s something really outlandish or extravagant that you’ve always wanted to try, now is the time to do it.


Arranging a threesome can be easier said than done. If you’ve just started to see someone, it can be a little tricky discussing your deepest desires. If you’ve been away from the dating scene for a while, it can seem even harder. Hiring two top escorts will take all the stress out of the process. You name the time, the date and the place – and they’ll take care of the rest. Of course, if you have any other requests such as what you’d like them to wear, they’ll do that as well. The great thing about sorting out your threesome with the help of an escort agency is that you can be as involved with the preparation as you like – or let your executive escorts surprise you.


Our executive escort duos are available to visit you either at home or your hotel, or at their incall premises in Paddington. They’re beautiful, experienced and totally professional. They’ll be discreet when visiting you at home, and won’t attract any attention from your (probably jealous) neighbours. That doesn’t mean that they don’t let their hair down though! Once you’re all in the bedroom, they’ll show you exactly what it is that keeps clients coming back time and time again. After all, three is a magic number.


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