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When an escort meets a new client for the first time, whether they’re booked for outcall services or in-call, they’ll often take four or five minutes, or sometimes longer, to get to know their clients before getting down to the main business of the meeting. If you’ve already met several times before, you’re both more likely to feel comfortable with the whole situation and far more ready to indulge in whatever sexy fun you have planned.

Meeting with the same lady several times in a row means that you both start to relax more as you become more familiar with each other. Choosing to meet the exact escort regularly automatically puts you at ease and serves as an excellent basis for enjoying your time together.

While it can’t be denied that part of the initial excitement is generated from the knowledge that you will be meeting with a new partner, familiarity also allows you to relax and concentrate on the most pleasurable aspects of your meeting. Generally, all the top escorts promoted at London Valentines are known for their outgoing and confident attitudes, but even the most confident of girls can still get pretty nervous when meeting a new client for the first time, and we’re sure that some of you may feel that way too.



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