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With today’s ever changing economy everyone is always trying to keep a little closer eye their financial situation. Many more customers are increasingly spending time with and seeing top escorts in fact, spending higher amounts of money for an expensive escort in London makes more sense than paying for a cheaper one as sometimes you won’t get the service you paid for, or the girl doesn't look that great.  

This means if you paid for a cheaper escort and you weren’t happy, you then go and book another escort for the same price and then you would  have ended up paying almost the same amount it would’ve been for an expensive one.

Booking expensive escorts is a no brainer and £600 nowadays is quite easy for anyone to get their hands on. Why not have a quality escort and have a quality service and stop messing around with less than perfect affordable escorts.

Our top escorts are the main influencing factor, her appearance, her attitude and the services she provides are very important. All these are going to affect how popular she is to be deemed an ‘expensive escort’ she in turn sets the amount of how much money she makes. If she does a good job, looks good and is always friendly she will be much busier than a girl provides a less competent service.

In the end; you get what you pay for..  


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