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As one of the most popular escort agencies in London, our ladies are often asked the secrets of their beauty regime. Looking good is part of their job, so it’s important they always use the best treatments.

Skin Care

Naturally, a lot of our ladies are too young for Botox and don’t need fillers as they have naturally plump lips and high cheekbones. But there is nothing better than some good laser treatment. This stimulates collagen and elastin fibres in the skin, making a tighter, fresher and younger looking skin.

But sometimes, you can end up trying something which makes you look worse. Maybe you have a reaction to skin care and end up with blotchy skin.  Skin needs to look and feel beautiful at all times. After all, this job involves human contact so the quality of skin needs to be good.

Many of our girls carry out a thorough cleansing, toning and moisturising routine twice a day. Using an oil-based cleanser, toning and then applying a serum and moisturiser is a great routine to follow.

A “beauty sin” is always said to be not taking your makeup off before you go to bed. Well, in this line of work that isn’t practical, but our ladies always take their make-off when they are on their own and before they go to sleep.

Body Care

Body exfoliation is another treatment worth having, followed by a massage. Again, this gives soft, smooth touchable skin which all London Valentine’s ladies want.  Massage is worthwhile too because our ladies can pick up tips of massage from the person massaging and use them for clients.

You might not think of this as a beauty treatment, but yoga is practiced on a regular basis. That’s hot yoga – you go through a series of Yoga poses in a room that has been heated. Sweating a great deal is a great detox and it certainly makes the skin glow.

Another benefit is the flexibility it gives you. You should see what our London Valentine’s girls can do with their legs!


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