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Confidence grows as our ladies experience a variety of clients and scenarios. They learn how to handle clients, the best ways to keep the conversation flowing and avoid awkward silences. How to read their clients’ moods is important and they quickly learn how to act in most social situations. They learn how to handle clients’ insecurities and how to put them at ease. Also, how to encourage their clients to open up and feel comfortable.

Confidence Counts

If you’ve ever booked the services of one of our top London escorts, you’ll know that the vast majority of them exude confidence. It comes from their experience of dealing with many different clients. Our ladies often have to be a kind of ‘chameleon’, depending on what their clients want from them. A discreet and attentive dinner date, a sexy and fun loving partner for a party, or a self-assured and imaginative intimate partner.

Our ladies are expected to play all kinds of roles. We aren’t talking role play here, although role play does come into it too. We’re talking about the different attitudes that are necessary to give their clients the best possible time in their company.

Make her feel Welcome

Use your sense of humour. Flatter and compliment her and make her feel that you really value her company. She’ll really appreciate it if you take some time to put her at her ease and make her feel welcome.

It’s also a good idea to be upfront about your expectations for the evening so that she knows exactly what to anticipate. Take things slowly; don’t make her feel rushed. No escort like to feel she’s being pushed into something she doesn’t want to do. Take some time to build a rapport with her, ask her questions and start to build some trust. And don’t forget, we were all new at something at some point in our lives. Give her the opportunity to find her feet and her confidence and you’ll reap the rewards.


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