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Did you know that male escorts roughly divide into two categories – escorts for women and escorts for men. Males tend to be hired by men much more than women. A lot of wealthy men like to hire males because it makes life simpler for them. They aren’t looking for or they don’t have time for a relationship, but of course from time to time they feel the need.

Male escorts believe women are much more adept at spotting insincerity than men are. London Valentine’s escorts pride themselves on their sincerity. Of course, when you work as  a top class companion you do have to pay people compliments to make them relax, enjoy their experience and feel good about themselves. But we like to pick our compliments carefully, ensuring that we mean what we say.

Yes, men can be hired by women (often wealthy women) and they have the same reasons for hiring an escort as a man. They don’t have the time or inclination for a relationship. Many women like to hire males for a date. Some want to be accompanied to an event by a good-looking companion who will talk to them all night and pay them attention. If anything else happens, it’s a bonus.

Some guys love the visual too, and males can be incredibly good looking. They often work out so they have well-developed muscles, good skin and hair. Well, if you’ve got it, flaunt it as the saying goes.


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