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We all know that the best escorts in London cost, that’s a simple fact that comes with the territory. The question we’re asking is, when you take everything into account, does it cost less to date one of our top escorts rather than a regular woman? Many feel it’s a lot but when you compare it to the amount you would spend on a regular woman in a bar, it might surprise you. We even think that you’d find our VIP girls looking like a much better deal overall.

First off let’s not forget that when it comes to an escort you know exactly what you’re getting. More often than not you’ve had a good browse of the website and chosen a stunning woman that really knocks your socks off. Being a smart guy – who, we know you are, you’ll have rung  and asked some questions to make sure you both really match.

In terms of time and effort, it’s minimal. The result however is far from minimal with the guarantee that you’ll not only have the company of the exact stunning woman you set your eyes on but you’re guaranteed a night of earth shattering proportions. Yes, you’ve had to pay for it but when you date a regular woman that you meet in a bar, you have to pay for that too, right, and perhaps a little more than you actually realise.

Yes, you may have to pay initially but using a London escort agency such as us here at London Valentine’s may actually save you a lot of time and frustration. You’ll be able spend time with beautiful women without the hassle of games and most certainly without the uncertainty when it comes to how much you’ll need.

Finally, if you add up all the money it would take to woo a ‘normal date’ (and don’t forget women want a lot more from a man nowadays) then booking from London Valentine’s is a no brainer if, at the end of the day you only need a little intimacy!!


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