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You’ve been invited to the opening of one of the classiest clubs in town and you don’t want to go alone. In need of an executive plus one? Why not book one of our naughty party escort ladies to accompany you? They’ll make sure your evening is far more fun than if you attended alone. And they’ll be sure to give you some extra kudos as you turn up at the door with a gorgeous girl on your arm. Just imagine all those envious stares and all those covetous glances. And the best thing – nobody will ever know that you’re paying your companion for their time.


You could go to the party alone. Take a chance on finding someone in the club to share your evening. There’ll probably be lots of good looking girls around who are looking for fun too. But remember, you’ll be in competition with the other guys. And even if you do manage to engage someone in conversation, you’ll still have to buy the drinks. Above all, there’s no guarantee of any extracurricular fun at the end. So, if you find yourself in need of an executive plus one, look no further.


Book one of our gorgeous executive escorts and you’ll be guaranteed an attentive companion who’ll treat you like you’re a celebrity. In addition to that, they’ll be up for fun both during the party and afterwards too. As you can expect from a top class London escort agency such as ours, we have all the best girls. Our party girls are not only stunning to look at but they have a fun loving attitude. They truly are the perfect partners for a good night out. They know how to dress to impress, they know all the best clubs and bars and they know how to have a good time.


They’ll not only be great company but they’ll lift your evening from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Whether you’re a party animal yourself and love to hit the dance floor. Or you’re a little more reserved and just want to spend an enjoyable evening with a lively, entertaining partner. Our party girl escorts know exactly how to ensure you have the best experience possible, both in public and behind closed doors. You can be sure that the party won’t end just because the club has closed. Of course any further services other than accompanying you to the party are at each escort’s discretion. However, we’re sure you’ll find them very amenable and enthusiastic. Our ladies are always more than happy to help you to finish your night with a bang!

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