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Our ladies know how sexy a Chocolate fantasy can be. It’s sensual because it melts at round about the same temperature as our bodies. Not only is it supposedly an aphrodisiac, but good quality dark chocolate is also a powerful source of antioxidants. Chocolate contains lots of minerals (iron, magnesium and copper for instance) and it may improve blood function.

Regular chocolate consumption improves blood flow, gives you plenty of energy and makes you glow with health. All good things for ensuring a lively libido, don’t you reckon? So having a chocolate fantasy can’t be a bad thing.

The finest chocolate is usually given to women as a gift along with flowers. The power of advertising makes chocolate so much more tempting. Remember the Flake ads (the one in the over-flowing bath were the model made such good use of her mouth). And the Cadbury’s caramel bunny rabbit with the sexy voice. Having a chocolate fetish is good for business it would seem.

If you wanted to take a gift to one of our delightful fetish escorts, then only the best quality chocolate with do. The darker the better, that way you will ensure that our ladies figures will stay the shape that you like.

Escorts too, loves to tempt and please. Some of our best fetish escorts in London know a trick or two with chocolate!!  Just as a chocolate maker wants people to give in to temptation, so to do our naughty ladies. They offer up sweet little mouthfuls and they like to leave clients wanting more. Our ladies will to try again and again to make sure your fantasy is as delicious as it should be. They can paint it on a body and lick it off (and vice versa). It does get quite messy, but they are game if you are. Your chocolate fantasy has never tasted so good!

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