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The freedom of choice

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Our ladies are free agents. They can pick and choose who they want to see and they always have the freedom of choice. We never judge and nor should you. We are a fair and honest London escort agency and if our ladies don’t want to see a client, they are perfectly entitled not to see them. Our girls don’t have to give any reason at all. However, some of our ladies have not seen clients for some of the more common reasons below:


Poor hygiene:

Some clients seem to believe it’s ok if they are unclean down below. Some think that they can pay for anything and the lady will perform for him. This is definitely not the case at London Valentine’s! If you refuse to shower, the lady will simply refuse you! Genuine thoughtful clients will have respect and won’t need to be asked or get offended if they are asked.


Rude Clients:

Another case is quite simple really; our ladies will not put up with bad manners and disrespectful behaviour.  It doesn’t matter how powerful you are at work, or how wealthy you are. Manners cost nothing. Our elite ladies have feelings and want to be treated as a human. If you can’t deal with seeing an elite London escort then don’t. If being rude and disrespectful is the only way you can be, then choosing elite ladies is not for you.


Not feeling safe;

Sometimes ladies won’t want to visit gentlemen in their private residencies. This is by no way a reflection on you, but they feel safer in Hotels or in their own place of residence. They always have the freedom of choice so please respect this. Some of these ladies may have had bad experiences in the past.


The same goes for ladies that don’t want to travel far. Examples are Heathrow and outside London.  If she is in the West End of London, travelling to Heathrow in the ‘Rush Hour’ it just won’t make financial sense. If this is the case, then choosing a different hour of the day when traffic is calm is best. Our ladies will be more willing to take the journey when there’s less traffic.


There are lots of different reasons that some of our exclusive ladies will refuse to see a client. However, most of our ladies are very tolerant and will make allowances once in a while. If you are happy to work with her it makes things a lot easier in the long run.


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