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The shape of the classic glass Cola bottle is iconic because it is supposed to resemble the body of a curvy woman. Most of our clients love curvy ladies with Coca-Cola figures. Escorts with something extra to hold on to are always desirable.

Our escorts in London have impressive figures, and most of them have the desired Coca-Cola figures. Check out Joyce –  an incredibly sexy and voluptuous escort with curves to die for. However, her beautiful hourglass figure isn’t the only thing that makes her one of our most sought-after young ladies. This busty brunette is as passionate and friendly as they come and a perfect choice for anyone looking for a charming companion.

Curvy escort Joyce has a coca-cola-figure

Nothing Compares To Bottle Figure Girls

We started thinking about other things our curvy ladies could compare themselves to. If we continue with the drinks theme, what about a bottle of champagne? The classy, rare and an experience to be sipped and savoured. 

Then, we thought of what animal our ladies could consider themselves to be. So we thought, how about a cat? The cat is an independent and discerning kind of beast. And yet, if you know cats well, you will be rewarded with a sensual creature that is exquisite to the touch and which will purr perfectly for you if you stroke it right.

And if our ladies were a celebrity? We’d look back to the past. Like the young Sophia Loren, our escorts can boast of a curvy body built on pasta. Like all the Latin ladies, they pride themselves in the ability to dress in a way that makes the most of their curves and the ways that they can make a man feel very special indeed. Scarlett Johansson also is an inspiration. Modern-day celebrities often favour a skinny, athletic look, and we London Valentine’s ladies know that it is not a look that men like. Coca-Cola figures are by far the most popular and admired by the opposite sex.

And finally, if our London escorts with Coca-Cola figures were some food, it would be a chocolate cake made from the purest, darkest chocolate, served in small slices and melt-in-the-mouth. Rich, indulgent and just perfect eaten any time.

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