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Although unexpected, many of our escorts enjoy being treated like a princess. They love being wined and dined by clients who are respectful and mature. Many clients like to show their appreciation with a little treat. Gifts are much appreciated, and our young ladies love surprises. Be it a bottle of their favourite perfume or some sexy new lingerie for them to show off to you. Who doesn’t like a little box with a bow on it? Furthermore, a kind gesture is an excellent way to start a date. It’s not a lot to ask for, especially if she’s a favourite escort of yours.

The Finer Things In Life

At London Valentine’s, we have a wide range of elite models from many nationalities and cultures. Naturally, these ladies all come with refined tastes and a fondness for the finer things in life, and gifts are much appreciated. The stunning ladies in our elite escort gallery are not your average females. Groomed to perfection and always beautifully presented, these models are elite companions. For the reason that they love being kept in the lifestyle that they have become accustomed to. In other words, a treat here and there is the norm for many of our high-end ladies. 

As you would expect from one of the most elite London escort agencies, we represent the most sophisticated companions. The fact that their rates are high indicates the type of clientèle that they are used to entertaining. With their unbridled sensuality, refined appearance and professional discretion, London Valentine’s ladies are highly sought after. Therefore, they are used to being sent presents, gifts of appreciation and being taken out. Only the most discerning clients worldwide know where to find the best companions. They also know that these ladies much appreciate small gifts, and so rarely come empty-handed. 

Pampering Comes In Many Forms

If you think you are one of the clients who can tantalise an elite escort’s taste buds, here are a few tips.

Gifts are much appreciated but never expected, no matter how elite a London escort may be. Therefore, please don’t feel it’s something you have to do. As much as she will love a little gift, she will not be disappointed if you turn up without anything. It’s more important for an escort to spend time with an excellent client than to be showered with presents. An authentic experience can mean simply having a good time, and it doesn’t need to involve gifts but mutual respect.

Some clients, however, like to send presents regardless. His gifts will always be accepted graciously. Contrary to standard views, not all elite escorts demand expensive presents. Of course, a Tiffany bracelet or deluxe lingerie set from Agent Provocateur would be very welcome. However, if that’s impossible and you still want to treat your chosen companion, an elegant perfume is always a safe bet. Something that smells as sensual as your companion does would be great!

Wine & Dine In Style

Women enjoy being pampered in style, and elite escorts are no exception. Gifts are much appreciated, but facilities don’t have to be in the form of a physical presence. It could be a romantic meal at a high-end restaurant or an evening at the theatre. Our companions may have even higher expectations than you’re used to due to the nature of their job. For example, they have seen the inside of the most sophisticated hotel suites and luxurious restaurants in town. Therefore, when booking an expensive agency escort in London, make sure that you keep her in that style that she has become accustomed to. 

With the choice of Michelin-starred restaurants in London, there is bound to be a venue your elite London companion has not tried before. Therefore, surprise her with something different. You are stopping off at a boutique before dinner for some shopping. A gift is much appreciated before winning and dining her with the finesse that such a beautiful lady deserves. Alternatively, treat her to drinks at one of London’s most fashionable bars. Whatever you choose to do, we’re sure that with one of our ladies on your arm, you’ll be in for an unforgettable evening.

Gifts are much appreciated at London Valentines escort agency

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