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There are many ways to make your escort happy so that she treats you in the best possible manner. Girls, even escorts, enjoy unexpected pampering and lots of foreplay. Satisfy your senses but don’t forget to satisfy hers too. Whatever you like, expect her to like it too.

Explore you senses with our Passionate Ladies

Tantalise her senses and she will be more than happy to pamper you in return. You will have a more pleasurable time with her when you treat her in the same way you wish to be treated. Escorts will be much more open when they know that you consider them as not just there to do their job. Satisfy your senses and hers too, it increases her confidence. As a result, she will be more likely to offer you extra services too.


This allows you to choose your favourite blonde, brunette, English rose or fiery Brazilian escort beauty. Our ladies have the coveted beauty of supermodels and the statistics of Greek goddesses. There is the perfect woman for everyone in our galleries. Therefore, just browse their photographs and pick the one to satisfy your senses the most. Then call the agency to check your favourite escorts availability.


Allows you to hold hands or gently caress each other to satisfy your senses. Perhaps even the feel of the sensual fabrics she might wear to tease you. All our model escorts are tactile and are ignited by lace, satin, silk and fur. Try out new fabrics together. Either takes her shopping for some stunning lingerie or get her to tell you how it feels against her skin. Alternatively, delight in the gentle caress of a feather down a bare arm. She will be putty in your hand in no time,


Delivers the conversation and laughter between you straight to your waiting ears. Nothing says “you excite me” more than the cheeky banter between couples. Our ladies were born to flirt and tease their companions. Woman always say “he laughed me into bed” and the biggest aphrodisiac is humour. New clients become regular clients when they have had an unforgettable time with a good humoured lady.


Is for the experience of eating together at a restaurant owned by a celebrity chef or the A-listers choice. Fine dining is something most of us enjoy but few of us get a chance to do regularly. To make the experience even more heightened, try Dans Le Noir, the London restaurant famous for getting their diners to eat in complete darkness. It might be messy but it will satisfy your senses and your taste buds will go wild from the intense flavours the eyes cannot see.


Is one of the brain’s biggest memory triggers. Remember your expensive London escort for the smell of her perfume and the unique scent of her. You will be close enough to become intoxicated and it will linger in your brain for quite a few weeks to come.

So use your common sense if you want to satisfy your senses and use our London Valentines exclusive escorts to achieve it – you’ll be very glad you did.

Satisfy your senses with London Valentines escorts

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