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You call and ask for one of the most expensive escorts we have. You’re staying at an exclusive hotel in central London, you’re a little nervous at first but you are taken aback at how relaxed and friendly the receptionists are at London Valentine’s, you are able to ask about your particular desires and preferences. London Valentine’s can make excellent suggestions and have chosen a particular lady called Yvette for his evening.  Yvette is contacted and she arrives swiftly at your hotel – you open the hotel room door and there standing very elegantly is beautiful Yvette whose legs goes on forever and has a strikingly attractive face, somebody who wouldn’t look out of place in a bond movie.

Of course you want to get the business side out of the way and immediately pay Yvette, you only wanted an hour but on seeing this top escort and her charm decides to book her for a few more hours as you want to show off this beauty at a swanky restaurant in Mayfair. You and Yvette make your way to a 5* restaurant chatting excitedly together as you both have lots in common. You can’t believe that such a beauty could be so easy to talk too. Dinner is over, and time has flown and you have had such a wonderful time, you were in the restaurant for nearly 3 hours.

You will believe you have known Yvette for ages and is happy with the way she carries herself in public it’s as if you’ve known her for years.
The best is about to come as Yvette can come back to your hotel room for a nightcap.  You pour a drink, and asks if she wouldn’t mind staying a few more hours.  Yvette promptly agrees – she loves the company of you as you are such a gentleman and is happy to stay longer in your luxury hotel.  One thing leads to another and it’s getting very late, Yvette needs to leave and of course you need your sleep. Yvette has fulfilled your every wish and you have fulfilled Yvette’s too being such a kind, caring and considerate client.

These types of escort bookings are real and you will too feel like this gentleman if you book London Valentine’s escorts. We are here to help anytime of the day, so you will always find a convenient time to contact us.  So why not see for yourself what London Valentine’s beauties we have on offer and you may surprise yourself with our exclusive top escorts.

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