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We know a lot of ladies look at this website because they are thinking of becoming escorts themselves and they want to find out from the experts about what the life is like and what they can expect.

London escorts can expect to earn good amounts of money, especially working as expensive escorts, but they do need certain qualifications. At the best escort agency, they all have to meet the obvious qualification – beautiful-looking, but beauty is only skin-deep as they say, and you do need a certain allure to be part of the successful group at London Valentine’s.

So what is this allure, how can you cultivate it and how can you entice clients? Here are some easy pointers:

Make eye contact. Eye contact instantly creates intimacy, which is what you need. It also creates a sense of someone who really wants to talk and listen to a client. A great trick with eye contact is to hold the contact for a second or so more than strictly necessary – it’s very seductive.

Small gestures of affection when you are talking with a client are also appealing. You can stroke their hand, touch their face or place a hand on their leg. Just a little quick contact is enough to make things feel very exciting.

Use your body language effectively. Ensure you turn to face a client when talking and your body language is open – not closed (i.e. keeping your arms tightly folded across your chest signals a “back-off right now” message). Little gestures that make the most of your assets are also a good idea, a little jiggle that shows off the enticing bounce of your chest, for example, or tipping back your head when you laugh to show off an elegant neck and sexy cleavage are good.

Use scent wisely. A warm, spicy perfume that isn’t overpowering is fantastic. It should be the sort of fragrance that encourages a man to lean in so he can smell more.

Confidence is always sexy – so check your posture (no slouching and walk with assurance), gen up on good conversational topics so you can lead a conversation if your client is shy, and smile a lot.

If you are unsure about the clothes that suit you or make the most of your colouring, it is worth investing in the services of a personal shopper (and many department stores offer this service for free). If you are dressed in clothes that you feel confident wearing and that make the most of your assets, this will translate to an allure.


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