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First of all, our GFE escorts love intimacy. A lot of other escorts view intimacy as just part of their job, but London Valentine’s girls love intimacy. 

Our ladies have always prided themselves on having fun and genuinely enjoying themselves, and that is the case for all of our top escorts. They want intimacy and all that it offers.

Like we’ve said before, our ladies enjoy their job. London Valentine’s work offers our ladies a lot of fun and thrills, and they want to enjoy them. Our escorts are genuine, love meeting new people, and love trying out new things.

Getting dressed up for dates is another thing our girls enjoy. They imagine meeting a new client and thinking what this guy is like. What kind of things does he want, and how can we make this date fun and enjoyable for him? 

They choose their outfits according to what he is looking for. If he likes busty escorts, for example, they make sure they choose the lingerie and the company that shows off their curves to perfection. If he likes long hair, they brush it till it gleams.

Skin-on-skin contact is their favourite thing, so they make sure their skin is in perfect condition – clean and soft and crying out to be touched.

Our expensive escorts also like a lot of conversation, so we think about what we want to discuss during our exchange and what a client wants to hear. Conversation in itself is very intimate, don’t you find?

Why not book one of our top escorts and explore their sexy secrets?


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