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Wimbledon is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world and many consider it an unofficial championship of the world. Wimbledon attracts the most diverse audience, from members of royal families, actors, politicians, to exclusive escorts who do not miss the opportunity to support their favourites.


Tennis, also known as Royal Sports, is one of the most popular sports of today. Though tennis was created as an entertainment, today it is one of the most attractive sports that requires athletes to use sophisticated technique and that gets the audience on their feet in all tournaments.


Wimbledon is third in the series of Grand Slam in the season and has a long history. The first tournament was played in 1877 in front of only a few spectators, while today’s tournament attracts about half a million viewers. Since its inception, Wimbledon has remained virtually authentic – it is played on the same surface, i.e. in the grass, and it has the same rules that have been supplemented with only small details. In the beginning, only tennis players competed in the tournament, and the first to win was legendary Spencer Gore.


The right to participate also got women tennis players seven years later, and Mod Watson was the first to win the tournament. Today, Wimbledon is a sporting event that the whole world is watching. In the tournament, in strictly white clothes, competitors from more than 60 nations are competing in front of a huge crowd watching the tournament from the stands, on the radio, on television, on the internet. This year, 2018, you will enjoy Wimbledon from 2-15 July. Two weeks of top tennis, top athletes whose main goal is to raise the glittering cup, which is reserved for the best, for number 1.


This year as well as every previous one, spectators will enjoy the prestigious sport and cheer their favourites. Because Wimbledon is the best way to start a summer atmosphere in London. If you do not live in London, this tennis tournament is the real reason to visit England during the summer.


As this is the most prestigious tennis tournament that many thousands of spectators visit each year, keep in mind that you need to get the ticket in time and to pre book a top London escort. If you want the best places in the stadium, then you must not wait long. After that, you have to dress in accordance with the dress code prescribed by the viewers, fold into your chair, put sunglasses and enjoy in the top tennis.


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