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Many clients book our services for the evening for a special occasion. Sometimes it’s a promotion, sometimes it can even be to celebrate an anniversary. Often, though, it’s a birthday. It doesn’t need to be a special milestone – sometimes a man fancies treating himself on his special day. Booking a date with an escort is an easy way of spicing up an evening and having a birthday to remember. 

We got the call saying that one of our ladies was to meet Daniel the following evening at a top London hotel. He was turning 35 that day and wanted to celebrate in style. The plan was to have a few drinks in the bar, share a meal and then head back to the suite he’d booked for an evening of fun. It sounded like it would be a great evening, and our young lady counted down the hours soon after the call had ended.

Daniel was a fan of brunettes, which was why we recommended Suzi. That wasn’t his only specification, though. He wanted his date to wear some matching black underwear under her dress – and luckily, Suzi had bought herself a new set just days before. What better occasion could she have for its first outing? When leaving for her date, she slipped on a fitted red dress that accentuated her figure. It would be sure to keep Daniel’s mind on what was underneath!

When they met in the hotel bar, she was taken aback by how handsome he was. Tall, dark-haired and wearing what looked like a costly suit, he was the epitome of a stylish, wealthy London bachelor. He greeted her with a kiss on the cheek, his hand coming to rest on the small of her back. “You look beautiful,” he said, and Suzi couldn’t help but blush. She could tell by how he looked at her that he liked what he saw.

Time seemed to fly by as they shared a drink and a delicious meal. As they finished their food, she boldly traced her foot along Daniel’s calf. His answering look told her one thing – that they’d be heading to his room immediately. 

When they returned to his room, Daniel wasted no time taking off her dress, eager to see if she had worn what he’d requested. As the dress hit the floor, he hummed in approval, reaching out to brush his fingers against her collarbone – and then edging lower and lower still. Smiling, she moved his hand away and held it in her own for a second. “Don’t you want your birthday present?” she asked him. The way he kissed her answered that question very clearly. That night, Daniel told her she was the best escort in London!


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