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For many, joining the Mile High Club is something that they’d like to tick off of their bucket list. The thought of doing something that illicit on a plane is very alluring – and for some, the thrill of possibly being caught in the act only adds to the appeal. So if you’re looking to join this decidedly cheeky club, how can you do it in style?


The term ‘Mile High Club’ has become one of the world’s most well-known phrases. It refers to the act of getting frisky while riding on an aeroplane – more often than not in the toilets! It’s become almost legendary; and any person sitting next to an attractive passenger during their journey would be lying if they said they hadn’t thought about it. It’s not exactly glamorous if you’re riding on a commercial airline though. We’ve mentioned the toilets, while the other option is to somehow manoeuvre yourselves in your seats – all without getting caught! So if you want to spare both your comfort and your blushes, what are your other options? Well, you could always hire a jet


Hiring your very own jet has plenty of benefits. Firstly, you’ll be travelling in comfort – there are no cramped seats or bathrooms to be found. Secondly, you’ll be choosing who you fly with, so there’s no need to worry about other passengers knowing what you and your partner are getting up to. The cabin crew won’t be on your back either, and you’ll be free to do exactly what you want.


Picking a willing lady to accompany you on your quest to join the Mile High Club doesn’t need to be difficult. By hiring an expensive escort, you can look forward to a very pleasurable flight with a stunning, experienced woman. Perhaps she’ll even indulge one of your fantasies and play the part of a naughty air hostess? Of course, she’ll be totally professional too, and nothing that the two of you do together will leave the cockpit.


If you want to take to the skies this winter, then doing so in the company of one of our top escorts is the only way to do it. Of course, being passengers on a plush private jet is sure to put you in the mood for a little bit of fun. So why wait a minute longer? Give us a call, and soon, you could be seeing how joining the Mile High Club lives up to your wildest fantasies.


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