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Not only are our top escorts stunningly beautiful they also have great personalities. There are many escorts who despite looking the part they have the personality of a cardboard cut-out. Not so with our amazing top escort girls, we choose them based on their personalities too and we like our ladies to have a healthy appetite for fun. All our ladies are very down to earth and open to having fun so whatsoever you have planned you know that your escort from London Valentines will not only look the part she will also behave the part too.

There are many escort agencies in London who state that they have beautiful escorts and whilst some of them actually do, we know that this is a term that has been hijacked by agencies to simply describe their prettier escorts. For those seeking a date with an actual published model this can be something of a surprise and indeed a disappointment however at London Valentine’s you can rest assured that if we state that the escort has been a model then she will have certainly been published in Europe in the last 5 years. We do not use the term executive escorts lightly as we know that there are many gentlemen out there who are looking for the very best in companionship.

A top escort is ideal for a variety of different encounters. We have lots of executive clients who are often needed at a public reception or benefit as part of their executive status. Of course these events require a companion and since many of our clients are extremely consumed by their work, it makes it difficult for them to enjoy relationships on a long term basis. Our expensive escorts are ideal to accompany them to these events and even if they can enjoy an hour or so of private time together afterwards, the fact that there are no strings attached is a big bonus.

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