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The first rule of hotel bookings is to verify the client. We never let a hotel visiting London escorts leave home until the client has been checked out. When a client calls from the hotel, for the girls safety, we need to verify that he’s actually there. We will need the client’s full name, hotel details and his reservation number if it’s an advance outcall booking. If he’s already in the hotel, and it’s the day of the meeting, we need the room number. If he’s checked into the room, and we have called to verify this, then she’s good to go.

For advance outcall escort bookings to hotels, as well as ringing the room on the day, we always call the hotel to check the reservation beforehand. There’s no need to worry as we are extremely discreet. A quick call to confirm the reservation at the hotel is all we need.

Regarding names – musical sounding concoctions such as ‘Sam Smith’ or ‘Andy Andrews’ always have warning bells. And if anyone asks why you need their surname or real name, we kindly explain to them. The girls security is our number one priority. If they won’t confirm who they are, we would have to refuse the booking. The genuine clients usually never ask.

It’s also worth knowing that some hotels don’t have telephones in the rooms. In these instances, we can’t confirm a booking unless they are regulars. We always check with Premier Inns and other budget hotels that they have phones in rooms before fully accepting a booking. If we’ve never heard of the hotel the client is proposing, we always check it out online.

Lastly, late night hotel visiting London escorts can sometimes raise eyebrows at the front desk. We may ask you to meet your chosen lady outside the front door so as not to cause embarrassment to her. Alternatively, you can call reception to let them know you have a visitor arriving. This way they are aware of your late night outcall companions arrival in advance.


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