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We always offer discrete escort companions because that is what you are looking for in most cases. It’s good to treat our customers with dignity and respect, and we also offer a listening ear whenever needed. As a top agency, we are excellent listeners and can provide the odd bit of advice if necessary. We know much about men, so if you book our ladies, we promise to listen patiently and advise accordingly. 

London Valentine’s girls do not judge. They are hand-picked for their beauty, bodies, conversational skills, and discretion.

However, there was a near miss on one occasion. Our new client, who lives in Leeds, was in London for a business meeting. He works in a property firm, and his firm has lots of work in London. His discussion on the Thursday night had over-run, so he found himself stuck in London for an extra night. He had a little time on his hands and needed a bit of company, so he decided to book himself one of our discrete escort companions.

When his chosen lady arrived, he suggested they share a couple of drinks in the pub opposite his hotel. Our escorts in London love the buzz of the city. So they both settled down for a drink and some conversation. He ordered a pint of bitter, whereas our lady opted for a glass of champagne, and he started to talk about his life.

He told her about his marriage. It was mostly good, but occasionally, he craved excitement and allure. He even showed a picture of his wife, which was just as well.

Just then, a taxi pulled up close to where our client and his companion were sitting. Out of it emerged a lady carrying a small overnight bag. As she turned to look around, our escort realised this woman was our client’s wife!!

She nudged him gently. He jumped up with a look of horror; a guilty conscience was getting the better of him. His discrete escort companion thought quickly on the spot and proceeded to talk to her client by asking him for directions.

The client gave his clever callgirl companion a grateful smile and went on to get his wife a drink. Now that was close!!!

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